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In a lecture, North Korea criticized “Chinese telephones and illegal border crossers are human trash who betrayed the party’s benevolence”

In a lecture, North Korea criticized “Chinese telephones and illegal border crossers are human trash who betrayed the party’s benevolence”

05/27/2024 10:57

North and China views of Hoeryong-si, Hamgyeongbuk-do, taken inside North Korea in May 2024. (Photo = NK Times)

It was reported that a local political lecture was recently held in North Korea’s North Hamgyong Province, centered on the border between North Korea and China, strongly criticizing Chinese mobile phone users and illegal border crossers.

According to a source from North Hamgyong Province in the NK Times on the 27th, a lecture was held in Hoeryeong City on the 25th criticizing Chinese mobile phone users and illegal border crossings (defectors). The lecture was held by senior executives of the Hoeryeong City Party Committee at the People’s Unit in Xi’an targeting women’s union members and housewives. It is known that at the lecture, Chinese mobile phone users and illegal border crossers were strongly criticized as human scum who betrayed the country.

In the actual lecture, the speaker said, “While the entire people are marching forward to achieve the goals set out at the 9th plenary session of the 8th Central Committee of the Party, there are still people around us who sell the country’s (North Korea) secrets using Chinese mobile phones. He said, “There are even cases of people trying to cross the border illegally or fleeing with their families,” and criticized, “Those who try to run away to other countries to live well and eat well are anti-national criminals who betrayed the love and benevolence of our party and stooges of our enemies.” .

He continued, “After the coronavirus, many residents and youths in Xi’an went to organizations and legal institutions to honestly criticize their mistakes and make a fresh start. However, they still foolishly thought that no one would know about the crimes they committed by using cell phones from other countries or hiding them. “There are quite a few people who are hiding it. This is like an act of self-destruction, rejecting the hand that offers to save them.”

It is known that North Korea has been holding lectures on this topic every year since the Arduous March in the 1990s. This appears to be part of an effort to prevent the ideological departure of North Korean residents through political lectures as the use of Chinese mobile phones and attempts to escape North Korea increase.

In particular, as the border between North Korea and China is partially opening and contact with the outside world is increasing with the easing of the COVID-19 situation, it is interpreted that they are strengthening their political and ideological offensive to prevent residents in the North Korea-China border area from leaving. These measures can be seen as North Korea’s intention to maintain internal stability and prevent residents from fleeing from external influences.

The lecturer also said, “Our (North Korea) party’s politics is a politics of faith that takes responsibility for and cares for the fate of all people until the end, but we never show tolerance to those who take a different path from us.” “He went to the party organization and the relevant legal institutions and reflected on his mistakes and received forgiveness, but those who did not were subject to legal sanctions,” he said.

He continued, “Last April, a woman in her 20s who had been making money by passing on internal secrets to enemies through Chinese phones for several years in Hoeryong City was caught by security workers, and in 00-ri, a family was stopped by People’s Army soldiers while trying to escape.” “Despite the party’s lenient policy, using Chinese cell phones and attempting to cross the border illegally is a betrayal of the party’s benevolence,” he pointed out.

At the same time, he appealed, “All residents must keep in mind that the struggle against Chinese mobile phone users and illegal border crossers is a class struggle directly connected to our fate and the fate of socialism, and join in the struggle as one.”

In this way, North Korea emphasized through this lecture that it considers using Chinese cell phones and crossing the border illegally as acts of betrayal to the country, and that such acts cannot avoid strict legal punishment. However, the source explains that among North Korean border residents, using Chinese mobile phones and crossing the border illegally in the border area is a natural occurrence, and it is difficult to prevent such behavior through any warning or punishment.

The source said, “Over the past four years, most phone users (Chinese mobile phone users) and illegal border crossers have been caught by the National Security Agency and sent to political prison camps (political prison camps) on espionage charges, but others are following in their footsteps,” adding, “Using Chinese mobile phones in the border area. “Illegal border crossing is a problem that is virtually impossible to prevent by any means,” he said.

“With the recent opening of some borders, the number of Chinese mobile phone users is increasing, and there are many people who try to cross the border illegally if given the opportunity,” he said. He pointed out, “They are trying to intimidate residents through .”

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