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News of the South Korean waste balloon attack spreads rapidly inside North Korea… Residents: “It’s embarrassing and disgraceful.”

News of the South Korean waste balloon attack spreads rapidly inside North Korea… Residents: “It’s embarrassing and disgraceful.”

06/10/2024 19:13

북한 오물 풍선. (사진=인터넷 캡처)

It has been reported that news that North Korea attacked South Korea with sewage balloons in response to the distribution of anti-North Korea leaflets is spreading rapidly within North Korea. In particular, internal sources revealed that there is a lot of criticism among North Korean residents about the authorities’ handling of the country’s sewage balloon attack on South Korea, calling it an ’embarrassing and disgraceful thing’.

A resident source in Ryanggang Province said in a phone call with NK Times on the 3rd, “Recently, whenever I have a phone call with South Korea or China to transfer money, the most common story is that our (North Korea) country is throwing garbage balloons over there (South Korea). “It comes out first,” he said. “Telephone operators (remittance brokers) who heard about this are passing it on to their families and close friends, and the news is spreading quickly.”

He continued, “…some residents who heard the news that sewage is being thrown over there (South Korea) cannot help but feel absurd,” adding, “They are sending sewage because they have nothing to send, this is outrageous, we are all embarrassed.” “There are a lot of people who wear them,” he explained.

On the same day, a source from North Hamgyong Province told NK Times, “When I talk to people who send me money these days, I get asked, ‘Why does your country keep sending sewage? Isn’t there something wrong with your xxx’s brain?’” When I received the message once or twice, I would reply, ‘Am I sending it or the country will send it?’ But as I was asked that question by every person I spoke to, I said, ‘I feel embarrassed for living in a country like this.’

He continued, “South Korea sends money and rice by balloon, but we (North Korea) send sewage. How much would the people there (South Korea) laugh at that? Even if we are a poor country and have nothing to send, sending sewage is a disgrace to the country.” “I don’t know why the people above me can’t think of it,” he pointed out.

At the same time, the source said, “It’s shameful to be in poverty, but every time I get asked if I know I sent waste, it’s beyond embarrassing. How could something like this be so shameful?” and “The level of the higher-up executives is only that high, so we have to listen to the curse instead.” “There is,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that more than 600 waste balloons, which North Korea began flying toward the south from 8 p.m. on the 1st, were discovered by 10 a.m. on the 2nd.North Korea flew about 260 waste balloons to the South on the 28th and 29th, and then resumed spraying three days the previous day. In total, about 900 balloons have been identified so far.

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