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North Korea’s Security Department begins investigation into those involved in South Korean broadcast photos

North Korea’s Security Department begins investigation into those involved in South Korean broadcast photos

06/05/2024 10:33

경계 근무중인 북한 군인들 (사진=인터넷캡처)

It has been reported that North Korea’s security authorities have begun an investigation to identify those involved based on family photos of North Korean defectors released through South Korean broadcasting media.

According to a Ryanggang Province source from NK Times on the 5th, the city and county security departments in Ryanggang Province, including Samjiyeon City, recently began an investigation to find the relevant people based on photos released by South Korean TV broadcasts and media.

It has been reported that the Yanggang Province city and county security department investigative agencies are conducting a thorough investigation by visiting the homes of subjects suspected of using Chinese cell phones and North Korean defector families, and comparing them with photos released by South Korean broadcasts and media.

In fact, on the 1st, the Pungseo County Security Department visited the home of a North Korean defector family and had them take out all of the women’s clothes and try them on. This is to compare whether the clothes, pants, and family background of the subjects in the photos obtained by the North Korean Security Service are the same.

However, after confirming that the subject in question was not the subject in the photo, the security officers tried to appease and threaten, saying, “Has 00 ever sent money or sent anyone? When was the last time you contacted me? If you don’t speak honestly this time, you’ll be in really big trouble.” It is said that he did not hesitate. Nevertheless, in response to the unchanged response, the security officers are said to have advised the resident in question, “Someone may come from areas along the line such as Hyesan or Huchang, so you must report it right away.”

It appears that the intention is to thoroughly cut off the link between North Korean defectors and their families through this targeted investigation, while also thoroughly preventing leaks of internal information.

The source said, “The investigation is currently being conducted not only in Pungseo County, but also in Hyesan City and Samsu County, as well as the entire Yanggang Province,” adding, “However, I understand that the MSS is currently conducting an investigation without being able to accurately identify the targets that appeared on South Korean TV and newspapers.” reported.

The source continued, “Even if South Korean broadcasters or newspapers reveal photos of North Korean defector families and their faces are covered (mosaic), it may only be a matter of time before the National Security Agency is able to identify specific targets through the clothing of the people in the photos or the wallpaper in the background.” “If the MSS investigation is further expanded in the future, there may be people who are falsely accused, so the MSS’s investigation is not simply aimed at finding families of North Korean defectors, but also destroys trust among residents and creates an atmosphere of surveillance and fear. “It appears that the intention is to control society and make them feel less at ease,” he said.

In relation to this, Mr. Han, a North Korean defector, said in a recent phone call with this paper, “…even if the face is mosaicized, it is not surprising that North Korea’s security department can hunt down the target if it wants to.” He added, “TV programs and media that deal with North Korean issues are “We need to refrain from publishing and reporting their family photos,” he said.

Another North Korean defector, who requested anonymity, said in a recent phone call, “There are times when I see broadcasts and media using the image of a North Korean defector’s family holding money as evidence,” and added, “This allows the data provider to show off his or her own interests or presence.” “I think it is a reckless action for the sake of doing so,” he said.

He continued, “All safety is guaranteed here no matter what activity you do, but the family of the North Korean defector in the released photo is likely to be under constant threat. In a situation where no one can take responsibility for that, I wish each person were in a position to protect them as if they were their own family.” “I hope so,” he added.

(In order to protect the personal safety of sources and reporters within North Korea, we do not prohibit the disclosure of personal information of those involved)

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