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Pyongyang is vibrant with 24-hour electricity supply… Provinces suffer from power shortage

Pyongyang is vibrant with 24-hour electricity supply… Provinces suffer from power shortage

12/30/2023 07:37

Night view of Pyongyang City taken in December 2023. (Photo = NK Times)

It has been reported that North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, in contrast to the countryside, receives electricity 24/7, bringing vitality to the lives of its residents.

As a result of NK Times’ recent coverage of Pyongyang City’s power security status, electricity has been supplied to Pyongyang City 24 hours a day since the middle of this month.

Until last month, electricity use for threshing crops on local farms was prioritized, and Pyongyang citizens’ electricity use was limited to 5 to 8 hours a day. However, to welcome the new year, electricity supply to Pyongyang has gradually expanded since the beginning of this month, and it is said that electricity has beencoverage 24 hours a day since mid-month.

These measures have greatly improved Pyongyang’s heating and traffic problems, and enabled the operation of subways and trolleybuses (trams) and stable operation of traffic lights, thereby reducing congestion during rush hour. It is evaluated that the safety of pedestrians has been greatly improved as the city’s street lights are illuminated at night.

In addition, factories and enterprises in Pyongyang have increased productivity by carrying out continuous production 24 hours a day, and commercial facilities such as restaurants can also operate until late hours, increasing economic profits.

The expansion of Pyongyang’s electricity supply is interpreted as an intention to show off the image of a stable capital both at home and abroad and to increase the loyalty and satisfaction of the capital’s residents.

Meanwhile, the gap between the capital Pyongyang and the provinces is deepening.

In fact, local cities, including North Hamgyong Province, are experiencing serious power shortages due to a significant decrease in power supply. In particular, in Chongjin and Hoeryeong, residents are experiencing extreme inconvenience as electricity for residents is only available for one hour a day, and it is reported that the elderly and children are continuing to struggle against the cold.

In relation to this, a source from North Hamgyong Province said on the 29th, “Local residents are experiencing increasing inconvenience due to power shortages, and this is even affecting the operation of public facilities and industrial infrastructure.” He added, “How urgent the electricity situation is is evident from the Marshal’s letter on January 8. “There are disruptions in the production of birthday gifts,” he told the NK Times.

At the same time, he pointed out, “The authorities are not interested in the lives of local residents,” and “This is because they do not appear to be supplying food or electricity for residents normally, except during busy farming seasons or important national events.”

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