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Was North Korea surprised by the defection of its residents?…This order was given to the border guard.

Was North Korea surprised by the defection of its residents?…This order was given to the border guard.

10/25/2023 16:21

2023년 10월 촬영된 북중 국경지역. 국경경비대 초소가 10M당 1인 초소가 설치되어 있다. 사진=엔케이타임즈

It has been reported that North Korean military authorities have once again ordered military units along the border between North Korea and China to fire without warning at targets entering the buffer zone.

On the 24th, North Korean military authorities, having learned that four North Korean residents crossed the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the East Sea on a small wooden boat and expressed their intention to defect, appear to have once again ordered increased security measures to prevent defections.

According to a source from Hamgyeongbuk-do in the NK Times on the 25th, on the evening of the 24th, the North Korean Border Guard General Bureau issued instructions to border guard military units, including Hamgyongbuk-do, to strengthen emergency alert work.

In this order, the General Border Guard Bureau emphasized, “All commanders of each brigade, regiment, and battalion company must remain in their posts 24 hours a day and conduct unit command and management to ensure that no incident or accident occurs.” It was known.

In accordance with these instructions from the General Directorate, the 27th Border Guard Brigade actually instructed soldiers before going on border guard duty from the evening of the 24th, ‘Shoot anyone entering the buffer zone as soon as you spot them, and you must never miss them.’ is emphasizing.

Accordingly, the source reported that some soldiers are expressing dissatisfaction with the instructions to shoot, saying, ‘We are not prisoners on death row, so we are told to shoot whenever we open our eyes.’

Previously, on August 25, 2020, North Korea issued a proclamation ordering shooting at people and animals that enter within 1 to 2 km of the buffer zone in the name of coronavirus quarantine.

It is known that at that time, there were quite a few incidents in which residents attempting to defect from North Korea and China in the border areas of North Korea and China, including Hamgyongbuk-do and Ryanggang Province, were shot dead by border guard soldiers.

A source said, “After the coronavirus outbreak, border guard soldiers are receiving instructions every day, saying, ‘The situation is tense, this is an emergency, strengthen guard duty,’” adding, “As a result, even if a real war broke out, the military would not believe it.” “There are many soldiers who chronically follow instructions from the command staff,” he said.

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