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North Korea, rice and corn prices fall by 200 won on average… Declining trend for 3 consecutive months

North Korean food price list taken in November 2023. Photo = NK Times

North Korean grain prices have been falling for three consecutive months.

On the 14th, NK Times investigated grain prices in major regions of North Korea in November and found that the price of rice in Pyongyang, Sariwon, Pyongseong, Hamheung and Chongjin fell from 5,000 won to 4,800 won per kg, and in Hyesan it fell from 5,300 won to 5,100 won. .

Corn (corn) was found to be 1,900 won in Pyongyang, Sariwon, and Pyongsong, down 200 won from the previous month, and Hamheung and Chongjin were confirmed to be maintaining a similar level to the previous month, at 2,000 won and 2,100 won, respectively.

In addition, corn rice was found to be 2,700 won, corn flour 2,400 won, corn noodles 2,200 won, soybeans 4,100 won, and maintaining oil 18,000 won.

Compiling North Korean grain prices from last September to November shows that North Korean grain prices have been falling for three consecutive months. This can be interpreted as the fact that North Korea’s good harvest this year and the import of large quantities of grain through North Korea-China and North Korea-Russia trade have had an impact on the decline in food prices.

In fact, a North Hamgyong Province source said in a phone call with this newspaper on the 14th, “Food prices that started falling last September have continued to fall until this month (November),” adding, “Farming is good this year, and large quantities of grains are being imported into Rajin Port and Nampo Port. “As we move in, food prices are continuing to decline,” he explained.

He continued, “As of now, we expect the food situation next year to be better than this year,” and added, “Nevertheless, since we do not know when and how the situation will change, there are many residents who buy food regardless of food prices.”

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